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Руководитель отдела качества РПН СФЕРА Мария СоничеваHello, my dear friend,

(Yes, I mean “friend”, and the only reason why it is not yet so is because you have not called us! I am sure, that by the time we are signing work completion acts, we will have become good friends! )

Allow me to introduce myself,my name is Maria Sonicheva, and I am The Head of the Quality Department of Certification agency RPN SFERA. I would like to ask you to spend just a little time reading my message because I am driven by the simple desire to make all arrangements “before making for the open sea".

Since you decided to check our Web page, I believe you are most likely interested in finding the answer to questions such as: how to get rid of the necessity to execute all these documents, which our state agencies and your potential customers are so fond of; how to speed up this process at a minimal monetary and psychological cost; finally, how to start selling your product with comfort, ease, and at a high value. If this is the case, you have found your solution when you entered our Web site! I know, I know, you may want to ask me, “There are plenty certification agencies out there and I can obtain the documents I need from any of them. So why, Maria, should I apply with you?” 

You may be right; however, we are not your common agency and let me tell you why.

Our agency has been working in this area for over fifteen years and over time our team has gained a clear understanding that mere execution of papers is dull. At the same time, I know that there are very few true experts in the area of certification, not just general certification, but also the certification of equipment for hazardous industrial facilities. Lucky for you, we are one of the few who are extremely specialized in this area of expertise. 

In spite of the fact that most people find working with certification and safety documents to be boring and annoying, for us it is the main goal of our business. We love our work, even though it seems like an odd line of work to love, which is why we do it better than others. By doing what we love, we can help you solve your difficult issues. 

We do not sell documents, render services, or issue papers. We solve the task assigned by you! We do it in an integrated, economically feasible manner. We do it in a legally impeccable manner, and above all we do it in such a way that you enjoy participating in the process! Our reputation is the most valuable asset for us, so you may be assured that a document executed by us will stay valid during the whole validity term assigned to it. Should any question arise in relation to this document, even if we have worked together only once, we will always help you! Neither one of us will ever be disappointed for the results of our work. 

These are not just promises, because our agency's success depends on it. All of our customers can prove that they have never experienced such diligence in execution of documents, promptness in the conduction of expert examination and legislation, and most importantly our personal approach to the desires and moods of the companies we work with. Our agency is rooted in the simple enjoyment of rendering our assistance in helping other companies thrive.  

This speech may look rather strange for the Head of Department, but this is how I truly feel.

I look forward to working with you in the future, and In case you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

My telephone number: +7 926 90 555 26, e-mail: sm@rpn-cert.ru 

Yours faithfully, Maria Sonicheva 

Our representative abroad: Yulia Mantulina, yuliamantulina@gmail.com, +1 775-762-3070 

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