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RIghts and obligations of applicants related to conformity validation operations performing

The Applicant has a right to:

  • select conformity validation scheme;
  • submit an application for certification to any certification body whose scope of accreditation covers the product under application;
  • submit the declaration of conformity for registration to the certification body of own choice;
  • file complaints and appeals against actions and resolutions of the certification body;
  • be knowledgeable about the progress and results of operations on conformity validation of the of product under application.

The Applicant shall:

  • comply with the rules and terms of certification;
  • implement all compulsory procedures in the exercise of certification (provide experts with access to the production site to analyze its condition, collection of product samples for testing and etc.);
  • assure product conformity to compulsory requirements;
  • put the products subject to compulsory conformity validation into circulation only after execution of the conformity document;
  • indicate details of the Certificate of Conformity or the declaration of conformity in the accompanying and/ or instruction manuals;
  • present documents on the product’s conformity to statutory requirements to the state control (supervisory) bodies and to other persons concerned;
  • suspend or cease sales of products, upon expiry of the certificate/ declaration or their effect is suspended or terminated at request of the state control (supervisory) bodies;
  • notify the certification body about all alterations introduced into   technical documents and production processes of the certified products, if such alterations affect safety maintenance;

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