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Declaration of technical regulations of the customs union (TR CU)

  • Сертификат ТР ТС
  • Декларация ТР ТС

Declaration of Conformity to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU Declaration) is the document confirming conformity of the products to be put into circulation to the requirements established for them by the relevant Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. Execution of the declaration for the products subject to any TR CU is required to put them into circulation in the territory of Russia, Belarus and/ or Kazakhstan.

A standard declaration scheme involves a package of works on assessment of conformity to certain technical regulations subject to performance by authorized certification bodies accredited by the Federal Accreditation Agency in accordance with the established procedure.

RPN SFERA LLC is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service and renders services for conformity assessment and issue of TR CU Declaration of Conformity. Work experience and qualification of our employees enable performance of all essential works in full and in the shortest time possible without engagement of outside organizations. Company’s experts are able to go to any place of the world for conformity assessment performing.

Only the company registered in the territory of Customs Union may act as an applicant for TR CU Declaration. Either the product’s manufacturer or its representative (dealer) may act as an applicant.

Optionally, the applicant may apply certification instead of declaring. The difference of the Declaration from the certificate is that in the declaration the manufacturer by itself or its partner (supplier, dealer) certifies conformity of the product to the requirements of the technical regulations on paper and the certification body confirms it, whereas the certificate is issued by the certification body in a specific form.

Different Technical Regulations of the Customs Union permit use of certain declaring plans at the applicant’s choice.

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