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Certificate and declaration GOST R

  • Обязательная сертификация ГОСТ Р
  • Декларирование ГОСТ Р
  • Добровольная сертификация ГОСТ Р

The principal enactment with regard to conformity assessment in the Russian Federation is Federal Law No. 184-FZ “Concerning Technical Regulation” dated 27.12.2002

According to this law:

Confirmation of conformity is documentary certification of conformity of the products or other objects to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards, codes of practice or contract terms;

Certification is the form of object’s conformity confirmation to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards, codes of practice or contract terms carried out by the certification body;

Certificate of Conformity is the document certifying the object’s conformity to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards, codes of practice or contract terms; 

Conformity declaring is the form of product’s conformity confirmation to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards; 

Declaration of Conformity is the document certifying conformity of the products to be put into circulation to the requirements of technical regulations, provisions of standards; 

Certification system is the set of rules for certification procedures, its participants and rules for general operation of the certification system; 

Certificate categories

Serial production Batch of products
Validity term Up to 3 years Not limited in time
Effect For all products specified in the certificate and manufactured during the validity term of the certificate Only for this batch of products with certain serial numbers (the batch is limited by the contract or another document a reference to which is given in the certificate)
Inspection control At least once a year Not conducted
Production audit Audit is required as it is necessary to assure the production’s stability (it may be not conducted in the presence of the certificate of conformity of QMS requirements ISO 9001 or if the analysis has been conducted before) Not required as the subject of analysis is only one batch of products which has been already manufactured

Manufacturer and Applicant

Manufacturer is the company manufacturing this product. All technical documents for the product shall be issued from the manufacturer’s name. 

Applicant is the company applied to the certification body to obtain a certificate for the product. Either the manufacturer of the product or its supplier (purchaser) may act as the applicant. A final user of the product, operating company, may also act as the applicant. The Applicant’s name is indicated in graph “CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED TO”. 

If the Manufacturer and the Applicant are different, a document certifying relations between them is to be submitted to the certification body. 

National Product Classification Code (OKP) and FEACN Code

National Product Classification Code (OKP)
All existing products are classified in accordance with the Russian National Product Classifier (OKP) which presents a hierarchic 6-digit code. Any product may be explicitly identified according to this code. Each next decade of the code specifies the intended use of the product, e.g.: 

48 0000 Products for construction, road and public-service machine-building
48 3000 Construction equipment and machinery
48 3600 Lifts
48 3610 Passenger lifts
48 3611 — general-use
48 3612 — special-purpose

According to National Product Classification Code (OKP) one can tell whether the product is subject to compulsory certification. In addition this code constitutes the basis of scope of accreditation of Certification Bodies and experts. National Product Classification Code (OKP) is subject to indication in the certificate’s form.

10-digit Code of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Customs Union also identifies products but for the customs’ purposes. It is assigned by the Federal Customs Service only to import or export products. Consequently, in these cases the applicant shall indicate FEACN code in his/ her application for certification and it will be also specified in the certificate form. The certification body has no right to assign FEACN code, only the customs are authorized for that.

Interpretation of GOST Certificate number

РОСС RU. МН04. B 00251
Russian system of certification Country of origin Code of certification body Code of certification type* Certificate’s sequential number


А — compulsory certification of the batch of products
В — compulsory certification of serial production of goods
С — voluntary certification of the batch of products
H — voluntary certification of serial production of goods

Inspection Control

Pursuant to cl. 3.7 of “Certification Procedure of Goods in the Russian Federation” the inspection control over the certified products is carried out at certification of serial production during the whole validity term of the certificate at least once a year in the form of regular and unscheduled audits which include testing of product samples and other checks necessary to confirm that the saleable products still conforms to the established requirements confirmed during certification. 

Results of inspection control are documented by the act which presents assessment of sample tests results and other checks, makes a conclusion about the status of the certified goods’ production and maintainability of validity of the certificate issued. The Act of Inspection Control is to be kept by the certification body and its copies are sent to the applicant (manufacturer, seller) and to the organizations taking part in the inspection control. 

According to results of the inspection control the certification body may suspend or invalidate the certificate in case the product’s non-conformity to the requirements of regulatory documents subject to control during certification as well as in the event of:

  • Amendment of the regulatory document for the product or testing method;
  • Change in structure (composition), arranged sets of the product;
  • Change of the organization and (or) method of production;
  • Change of (non-compliance with) requirements of technology, control and testing methods, quality assurance system, if the above-mentioned changes may cause the product’s non-conformity to the requirements subject to control during certification.

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of Conformity is the document in which the manufacturer or the seller certifies that the product suppliable or saleable by him/ her conforms to the requirements envisaged for such product (hereinafter – the established requirements).

The Declaration of Conformity is accepted with regard to the products enlisted in the List of Goods Subject to Compulsory Confirmation of Conformity in the Form of Declaring (RF Government Decree No 982 dated 1.12.2009).

Only Russian manufacturers (sellers) or organizations registered in the Russian Federation as legal entities and representing interests of relevant foreign manufacturers (sellers) are entitled to accept the Declaration of Conformity. 

The manufacturer (seller) accepts the declaration of conformity based on the documents confirming conformity of the products to the established requirements. 

Such documents include:

  • acceptance, preliminary and other production monitoring test reports conducted by the manufacturer (seller, contractor) and/ or by external competent testing laboratories;
  • certificates of conformity or test reports for raw and other materials, component parts;
  • documents envisaged for these products by relevant Federal laws and issued by authorized bodies and agencies (sanitary statements, veterinary certificates, fire safety certificates and etc.);
  • certificates for quality or production system (ISO 9001);
  • other documents able to confirm product’s conformity to the established requirements in a direct or indirect manner

The Declaration of Conformity may be accepted as for serial production of goods as for a batch of a certain volume.

The Declaration of Conformity accepted by the manufacturer (seller) is subject to registration in the accredited certification body.

The certification body checks accuracy of the accepted declaration and registers it or informs about necessity to correct non-conformities detected. 

Registration of the Declaration of Conformity is performed by assigning a registration code containing identification designation (code) of the certification body and sequential number of the declaration of conformity according to the register maintained by the certification body to it. 

The Declaration of Conformity accepted in accordance with the established procedure and registered by the certification body has legal force on equal terms with the certificate of conformity.

Registered Declaration of Conformity entitles the manufacturer (seller) to place the conformity mark on the product. 

Control over the products with the accepted and registered declaration of conformity is exercised by federal executive authorities (not by certification bodies). i.e. inspection control in this case is not provided.

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