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Seismic proof certificate

The certificate of seismic resistance is a certificate of compliance issued within the framework of a voluntary certification system registered in the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and confirming compliance of equipment and structures with standards and norms for seismic stability. This certificate is issued to confirm the possibility of using the equipment in seismic areas, as well as at nuclear, chemical, mining, oil and gas and construction industries.

The seismic resistance certificate is issued on the basis of a protocol drawn up on the basis of test results or on the basis of computer simulation and calculation performed using specialized software. This calculation is carried out according to the current state standards, including SNiP II-7-81 (SP 13330.2014), GOST 30546, GOST 30630. The calculation determines the strength of the structure or equipment for seismic action on the MSK-64 scale (up to 9 points), on the basis of which a conclusion is made about the resistance of the product or structure to such an effect.

After the calculations, a protocol is drawns up, which is the basis for issuing a seismic proof certificate. In some cases, the protocol may be an independent document, without issuing a certificate. But without a certificate, the certificate is invalid.

The seismic proof certificate is a document confirming the compliance of the equipment with seismic safety requirements. It may be required by manufacturers and suppliers of equipment in seismic regions, as well as objects with a high level of vibration load, or objects that are subject to increased safety requirements. All stability calculations are carried out to determine the stability, but do not prove its performance after the seismic action. Thus, the calculation method is not suitable for confirming the operability, for example, of electrical equipment after a seismic impact.

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