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Since November 25, 2016, the system of obligatory certification of GOST R has ceased to exist.

In autumn of 2016, the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation No. 3358 "On Recognition of Decrees of the State Standard of Russia dated March 17, No. 11 and No. 30 dated April 22, 2002 and Order No. 1721 of the Rostekhregulirovanie of 12.05.2009 ", which entered into force on November 25. The order canceled the right to use the forms of the GOST R Certification System for the purposes of mandatory certification.

As a result of the entry into force of Order No. 3358, a legal conflict arose that the authorized bodies have not yet resolved: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 1, 2009 No. 982 "On approval of a single list of products subject to mandatory certification and a single list of products, in the form of adoption of a declaration of conformity "contains several hundreds of products subject to compulsory certification under the GOST R system.

Thus, the question arises - what to do to manufacturers of steel ropes or detectors of ionizing radiation, for which it is required to conduct compulsory certification in the GOST R system.

Certification system requirements:

The GOST R certification system is presented with a number of requirements that are completely consistent with the newly introduced GOST CERT certification system:

  • The system of voluntary certification of GOST CERT was created by a legal entity.
  • The system of voluntary certification of GOST CERT is registered by the federal executive authority for technical regulation.
  • The system of voluntary certification of GOST CERT is included in the Unified Register of Registered Voluntary Certification Systems of the Federal Executive Authority for Technical Regulation.
Thus, the use of the GOST CERT system is optimal for products listed in the list approved by the RF Government Decree No. 982 or any other products whose compliance is confirmed on a voluntary basis.

Advantages of the GOST CERT system

The GOST CERT system can replace not only GOST R system, but also any other voluntary certification system. The main differences between the GOST CERT system and other voluntary certification systems are:


Most voluntary certification systems are based on the GOST R system, and it is, by now, morally obsolete. Therefore, in some cases, the customer can not obtain a certificate for the equipment required by him, since the GOST R standards are not provided for the description of some types of devices.

Under the previous rules, some equipment was not described in the relevant documents, and thus could not be named in the documents exactly as the customer would like. As a result, the applicant was forced to write not what he wanted, but what could - and often it did not reflect the specifics of the product.

The GOST CERT system uses the most modern methods of quality assessment, and with our specialists you can get exactly the result you need.


Certification experts seldom communicate with customers - basically, managers do it. And managers are rarely competent enough to offer a solution that completely satisfies the customer. And it's not a matter of malice - as a rule, they are just not professional enough.

In the GOST CERT certification system, all managers have extensive experience, are directly connected with certification experts, and, together with them, can choose the optimal solution for any task.

Certification in the system of voluntary certification of GOST CERT will allow you to verify compliance of equipment in an accredited certification body with the most modern methods and technical documents. At the same time, you can independently choose the type of technical documentation that will be used for certification - we understand that unique types of production can have types and sets of documents not provided for in standard procedures.

The GOST CERT system completely compensates the shortcomings of the existing voluntary certification systems, and can be used to confirm the compliance of a wide range of goods and services, enterprises and quality systems.

If you need detailed information, call +7 915 268 61 30, or write to сorthals_n@rpn-cert.ru

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